19 July 2006

WFMW - July 19

In honor of sick kiddoes, I'm going to review our diarrhea protocol.

Depending on the type of runnies we have, our treatment methods change. For acute cases that last maybe half a day, we usually just treat with nutmeg and eat lighter foods.

However, for cases like the poor little guys, we usually change the diet fairly radically for a few days.

We put them on the BRATY diet.
  • Bananas
  • Rice (with a small amount of honey, Earth Balance margarine, and rice milk)
  • Applesauce/apples
  • Toast (sometimes dry Cheerios too)
  • Yogurt (optional, depending on which end/s are affected)

We also do gatorade, diluted white grape juice, or herbal tea (both chamomile and mint are tummy soothers).

We put cinnamon and nutmeg into the applesauce (sometimes rice, too), since only Bubba can swallow capsules.

One fun way to get the bananas and yogurt down the kids is to make a smoothie with some honey or maple syrup.

For their poor sore bums, witch hazel compresses after wiping help, and I've also been known to put some of my homemade diaper cream on it, too.

Finally, we read books, watch movies, and listen to audiobooks while resting.

Works for me!


At 10:56 PM, Blogger Mama Duck said...

What's the homemade diaper cream?? I'm going to try the witch hazel - Lil' Duck is teething and it's just a nightmare with diaper rash and everything.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Mrs Blythe said...

Hi I came via Rocks in my Dryer, I'm very interested in the witch hazel solution. My 2 year old is not out of nappies (sorry diapers, I'm English). She suffers from regular diahorrea (spelling??) as do we all (both me and hubby suffer with IBS I think it's passed on). She has a very sore bottom, I'll try witch hazel, thanks for the tip.


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